MSM are expert in manned guarding services

Our uniformed field Supervisors makes sure the quality of services that we offer, which are designated to provide and maintain peace and secure work environments, The Security Supervisor we hire are mostly ex-servicemen and possess vast experience of practical security in the field. Their skills are further enhanced by specialized training with respect to their particular assignments.

Their basic and designated responsibilities include supervision of security guards, discipline in the area and vigilant observation of the surroundings as well as deterring, detecting and responding to hostile threats.

Security Guards

MSM Pakistan endows with the service of both armed and unarmed security guards who are recruited after going through a thorough process of security and verification, Mostly coming from armed services background, our security guards are diligently trained in multiple aspects, before deployment, guards are trained by our team of professionals at our Training Centers where they are trained and bound in ethics of their duty, respective SOPS, fire extinguishing reaction & response etc.



Close Protection

MSM has vigilant, smart and active trained sharp-shooters bodyguards whose services are extended to our clients. They are duly trained to pin-point and prepare to counter any threat to life. Our Close Protection Officers (CPOS) are experienced in the field of combat and defense, they have excellent vision and possess strong physical physique and are fully professionally trained in weapon handling.

Lady Security Guards

MSM introduced the idea of Lady Security Guards, complying with the idea that women are no less than men in any manner. Lady guard force, that we provide, are thoroughly trained and coached at our ratified training centers where they are taught the basics of security duty, weapon handling, medical assistance, rules of engagement and how to respond to emergencies.



VIP protection

MSM understands the security threats and dangers that VIPS face every day in Pakistan, considering the prevailing law & order situation in the country. We have trained and vigilant security staff to protect our VIP local as well as foreign clients who trust us with their protection and security. We make sure their protection and safely. Our static and mobile security teams are fully capable of safeguarding the live, property and premises of our clients.

Airport Protocol

Male/Female Protocols Officers Airport Security Clearance Facility
  • Hotel/Guest House Reservation
  • Travel Plan Facilitation
  • Hassle Free Airport Boarding & Luggage Facilitation

Travel Plan Facility

MSM Security Guards (Pvt) Ltd also becomes the host of their clients in the country. We facilitate them with their traveling plan and also help in arrangements for transport and hotel assistance.


Monitoring & Surveillance Operators

Introducing HEART BEAT first time in Pakistan. End user in control and informed anytime and anywhere using modern technology use of Smart Phones, Personal Computers Smart Web Apps (android & I-phone) for the Security and for ease of client Android & 10S based panic button system (APS) Use of GSM, IP, GPRS, PSTN networks for (alarm) transmission PSTN - IP alarm systems GSM - GPRS-alarm systems Smart Apps to generate alarm (push to alert)

Patrolling Surveillance System

It has recently been observed that fraudsters are installing skimming devices and high resolution minor size cameras at ATMS's for their nefarious designs. With the passage of time there are chances that people involved in this business could have come up with more innovative ideas / new technology. MSM (Pvt.) Ltd offers PSS services to our esteemed clients (banks). For protecting the ATM's the PSS supervisor perform surveillance duty during night to check any such activity on ATM's installed at various locations. They submit daily report instantly for any suspicious activity or otherwise concerned bank offices on regular basis.

Close Circuit Monitoring System

MSM (Pvt.) Ltd install the conventional and latest IP base close circuit TV monitoring system which can be additionally monitor in your Laptop/l-Pad/or on smart mobiles all over the world and we provide the services of qualified and trained CCTV Operators.
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