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Chairman / CEO
Brigadier Imran Munawar (R)

He was commissioned in Pakistan Army in 1988 and joined 10 Azad Kashmir Regiment (Zindadil). During his 30 years illustrious career he had vast experience of Command, Staff and Instructional appointments. The officer has served as Aid e Camp to General Officer Commanding, instructor at School of Infantry & Tactics Quetta, in charge special monitoring cell in aid to civil power KPK, Brigade Major of Infantry Brigade and Colonel Staff of Infantry Division during operation in FATA. He has commanded infantry unit in Operation Life Line 2005 in challenging environment of post-earthquake of AJK and was awarded Commendation Card due to his relentless efforts in rescue, relief & rehabilitation operations. He has the distinctive honor of leading training mission to Kingdom of Bahrain comprising of 1st Azad Kashmir Regiment (Hill panthers) along with Special Service Company and trained Bahrain National Guard in various operational/security duties. He has commanded Infantry Brigade in Operation Al Mizan, Rahe Rasit&Zarb e Azab. Due to his relentless & daring efforts peace/normalcy/stability prevailed in District & FR Bannu& Lucky Marwat& Mir Ali. He also managed colossal task of reception/relief/rehabilitation of over one million internally displaced persons of North Waziristan Agency. He has the honor to serve as Deputy Director General Pakistan Rangers Sind in very challenging environment during 2014/2015 and contributed significantly in bringing normalcy in Karachi situation. The officer has vast experience of coordinating/planning, deployment & monitoring of security apparatus of sensitive /strategic installations i.e. Pakistan Air Force Bases, Vital National Assets, Communication infrastructures, prisons, Cantonments areas and depots as Commander National Guards. The officer is qualified in National Security & War Course from National Defense University of Islamabad. He has been awarded with Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card due to his selfless/dedicated and daring performance in operations.

Ali Logistics and Services

MSM operates in collaboration with Ali Logistic and Services, a recently founded and fast-growing Islamabad-based company. They are our sole partner and we have reached numerous milestones with them due to the common objective of providing services of the highest standard to our well-esteemed clients. With exceptional year-by-year growth since the collaboration began and innovative plans ahead for unexplored areas of security services, MSM is proud of its strong bond with ALS, and the progress that has been conjointly achieved thus far. Looking toward the future, we are optimistic that this partnership will continue to prosper and together we can provide our clients with services of our admirable calibre.

Chief Executive: Ali Logistics and Services

Col Liaquat Ali Waseem (R)

Colonel Liaquat Ali Waseem (retd) is the Chief Executive of Ali Logistic and Services, having outstanding contributions in the field of security at the national level. He holds a master’s degree in International Security and Diplomacy with a distinction from one of the UK’s top universities. Going beyond the traditional methods of providing security services, the Chief Executive has a dynamic vision of security provision, amalgamating high levels of intellectual capital with emerging technologies. To him, security services mean more than just the provision of guards, and he aims to formulate bigger and more efficient ways of safeguarding clients and their properties. His past experiences of working with the Police and Civil Administration help the company in its decision-making and provide the necessary liaisons for smoother functioning and issue-solving. Together with Ali Logistic and Services, MSM feels that our clients are in safe hands, and we shall work to make homes and offices feel more secure.

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